As a result of the production needs, the company decided to face the social recruitment. The following items are now announced as follows:
(1) 4 foreign trade members
Requirements: 1, development and maintenance of overseas customers;

2. Familiar with the business process of foreign trade, well versed in the channels of foreign market expansion, the experience of e-commerce, and the skillful operation of the Alibaba international and global resources platform.
3. Familiar with the foreign trade business of battery and mobile power supply products, familiar with the various processes of foreign trade operation, with relevant work experience and customer resource preference.

Conditions of service:

1 or 2 years experience in foreign trade business;

2, English above 6, excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing ability, can communicate with foreign businessmen independently;

3, timely understanding, follow up customer requirements, to complete the order of large goods production.

4, have a sense of responsibility and obey the management of the company.

5, the character is calm, and it is good to be good at communicating with the customers and understanding the customer's intention.

6, learning ability, strong adaptability, strong sense of responsibility, team work spirit, can bear the pressure of foreign trade work, self unzip ability.
7, understand Japanese first.

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