Intelligent wearable equipment is the general name for the application of wearable technology to the intelligent design of daily wear and the development of equipment that can be wearable. Such as glasses, handrings, watches have no line, so it is very convenient to use. The main combination of the Internet of things, cloud computing, with the development of the Internet era, the development of the trend of the smart, commercialized wearable equipment. The Northwestern University study showed that daily use of wearable devices employees leave substantially reduced 44%, experts predict that if this trend continues, the wearable device in the next 25 years by remote control technology to help the healthcare industry to save $200 billion in costs.
Our company is a professional wearable equipment lithium battery manufacturer, intelligent wearable battery model, can be widely used in:
Sports: sports watches, SPORTS BRACELET accessories, as the main form of realization of sports or outdoor data such as heart rate, frequency, pressure, depth, elevation and other indicators of monitoring, analysis and service.
Health care: detection and treatment of blood pressure and heart rate of medical signs, forms are various, including arm sphygmomanometer, wearable and handheld oximeter monitor, wearable single lead ECG instrument etc..
Consumer electronics: smart watches, smart glasses, WIFI sound, wearable multi touch projector, charging boots, fitness clothes, navigation shoes and so on.
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PATL371229 smart loop battery scheme
(an overview of the classic case)
The product parameters of the smart ring battery
The parameter.Jpg of the wearable device battery
Two, the scheme characteristics of intelligent hand loop battery
1, the range of working temperature is wide: -20 C -55 C
2, fast charging: rechargeable fast charging, memory free effect;
3, light weight, large capacity, good low temperature performance, high rate charge and discharge.
4, safe and reliable: built-in protection board (short circuit, overcharge, overplay and so on)
5, super long life: after 500 consecutive charging and discharging, the capacity of the battery is not less than 80%.
6, the plasticity is strong: any special shape, such as: arc, round and so on, the thickness is ultra thin can be customized;
7, green environmental protection: through the ISO 9001 quality system certification, UL, UN, CE, RoHS, REACH and other certification;